Lots of Water Running!

The weather has not warmed up as much as they predicted last week.  So far, however, it has made it into the upper 40s which is not too bad as the wind has not been blowing a lot.  Had a little sunshine this past Tuesday, but that’s it.  According to the weather folks, we probably won’t see sunshine until maybe mid next week.  And, we’re expecting rain Friday night into Saturday.  Depending on how the temperatures are, we could see some know.   We’ll see…..

The main change we have seen in the generation pattern has been the amount of generation.  We have had four units going non-stop for the past 3-1/2 days.  Today, the flow has been all over the board.  Not certain what they are doing.  The projection was for the equivalent of two units all day, but, as I said, it ‘s been all over the place.  Tomorrow they have a projection for three units all day.

Carolyn on the water this past Tuesday with Chris and Terry from Kansas.  This was one of those four unit days.  Weather was pretty nice.  Temperatures in the 40s and even had the sun peek out for a short period of time.  Not a great day, but we did land a few fish.  Started out with a black copperhead midge, size 16 on one and the hot pink San Juan worm on the other.  After two fish on the worm, it was the San Juan worm most of the trip.  Tried stripping a few different patterns on sinking leaders with only a couple, if that, hits.

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