Good Days On The Water!

Overcast, cold day today, but it will start warming up this week.  Upper 40s Monday and Tuesday,  Partly sunny Monday with full sunshine Tuesday.  Wednesday and Turkey days will be in the upper 50s.  Right now, it looks like upper 40s Friday and chances for rain.  Saturday looks great but Sunday we are seeing chances for rain again and low 50s.

Change in the generation schedule Saturday through Monday.  Low one unit both Saturday and again today.  Mixed bag Monday with low one unit most of the day, but an intermittent 2 units mixed in here and there.  We’ll have to see what surprises they have for us Tuesday!

Dale – 11/16/18

Mike’s 1st on fly rod – 11/16/18

Fun days on the water and great weather.  Mid 60s, lots of sunshine and hungry fish.  Gina on the water Friday with Dale and his friend Mike.  Dale wanted to introduce Mike to fly fishing and it was his annual birthday celebration trip.  Good day for them on the black beadhead and copperhead midges.  A few on the P&P.

Val – 11/16/18

Two ladies from Maryland, Val and Kathy spent the morning on the water with Carolyn.  They fish a lot on the Eastern waters and were thoroughly pleased with our river.  Good day for them on the ruby 2 midge, but

Kathy – 11/16/18

they did the best on the apricot or clown egg patterns.  They are already planning their next trip back here.

Steve – 11/17/18

Steve – 11/17/18

Saturday, Darren took Steve and Forrest out for half a day.  They fished the “Duracell”, ruby 2 and a size 18 scud dropper.

Forrest – 11/17/18

Carolyn had Steve and his friend, Kyle.  Steve is from Oklahoma and

Kyle – 11/17/18

Kyle lives just north of here.  Steve was introducing him to fly fishing.  Short casting lesson for Kyle and a refresher for Steve and the catching was on.  Good day for these guys on a #16 red d-rib midge with the ruby 2 dropper.

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