No Rain Here Yet!

Keep watching the sky looking for the rain that has been forecast.  Cloudy all morning, but it is actually sunny here right now (1:30 p.m).  According to the forecast, there is a 75% chance for rain right now.  I’m sure we’ll get it sooner or later.

Not much change in the generations schedule.  They did forecast generation all day Tuesday.  NOT!  The turned it on the afternoon, as usual, but with a little more flow.  Forecast generation all day today.  Again, nothing until noon when they turned on 2 units.

Jim on the water this past Sunday with Jason and Haley from California.  This was Haley’s first time, so Jim worked with her on the basics.  Pretty tough day as they would not even take streamers.  Did catch some on the ruby midge and a size 18 dark gray scud.

Monday, Carolyn had Andrew and his son Joe on the water for half a day.  They just finished the Orvis 2-day fly fishing school and wanted to reinforce what they had learned.  Started out a little slow, but did pick up and they caught fish on the black copperhead midge and yellow/orange egg pattern.  Peter, from California, spent the morning on the water with Stan.  They had a pretty good day on the ruby 2.  This was Peter’s first experience with fly fishing and he really enjoyed it.

Jim took Dean and his son, Josh out Wednesday.  It was instructional for John as this was his first time fly fishing.  They caught fish on the P&P, blood worm, and stripping a size 12 JQ streamer.  It must have been new fly fisher day, as Carolyn had Scott and his wife Tricia out for the morning.  This was their first time

Tricia – 9/5/18

with a fly rod, so we went through the basic roll cast, pick up and lay down cast, and later after catching a few fish, worked on shooting line to get a little more distance.  When we first hit the water, first cast of the ruby 2 hat a hit.  After that, nothing for what seemed like forever.  Changed to an egg pattern and again a hit, then nothing.  Let’s move!  Finally a good and fun day for them on the black copperhead midge and the yellow/orange egg pattern.  Think both of them are hooked!

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