Yeah! Wet Stuff!

We received a real nice downpour yesterday and some through the night into early this morning.  Sprinkles off and on later in the morning.  Right now it is sunshine and a pretty clear sky.  Hope we have some more rain lurking somewhere!

No chance in the generation pattern.   What more can I say.

Jim on the water Saturday with Tad and Carter.  New to fly fishing so Jim worked with them on the basics.  Caught a few fish stripping a size 10 JQ streamer.  Stan also on the water that day.  He had Greg and his daughter Liz.  Both are good fly fishers and casters and they had a very good day on the black copperhead or P&P midges under a stimulator.  Lots of nice fish.

Carolyn on the water today, Tuesday, with David from Minnesota.  He’s been fishing for most

David – 8/14/18

of his life but just started getting into fly fishing.  Today was his first trout and biggest on a fly rod.  He had a good day mainly stripping the orange belly 56er on a 3 ips sinking leader.  Picture is a little blurry as it rained on us more of the day and camera lens was wet.  For fun, we threw a Big Ugly with a black copperhead midge under it.  Several hits, but no cigar.  Missed, or picked and rolled all of them.  Fun day!

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