Ketchup Time!

Pretty nice day today!  Almost noon and it’s only 78 degrees.  What a change from the temps we have been having.  Unfortunately, this will be short lived.  Upper 90s are the forecasts into the weekend.  Maybe we’ll see upper 80 mid to late next week.  Other than today, chances for showers are far and few between.

Same old, same old generation pattern, except for yesterday!  Yesterday they turned on a unit at 10:00 a.m., another at 11:00 and kept going till they had all four on.  Today, the schedule is back to two on at 1:00 and then four in an hour.

Last Thursday, Stan took Keith from Arkansas out for the morning.  (we have not been doing full day trips due to the HOT weather and the way they are coming on with generators)  Had a pretty good day on the ruby 2, P&P, but especially the rusty midge.  Gina had Paula out that morning and they too had a pretty good day.  Just like

Paula, aka “Spanky” – 7/12/18

many mornings here lately, it was tough early, but eventually, (especially after the fog lifts) they got into them.  Best bug in the morning was a black soft hackle or P&P.  Later in the day, after some water came on, the tungsten beadhead tan scud was the ticket.

Friday the 13th, Gary took Larry from Texas out for a morning wade trip.  Pretty good day for Larry, especially on the rise.  They were catching on a size 18 gray or tan scud and the P&P midge.  Carolyn had her long-time Louisiana couple, Cathy and Ron on the water


Cathy 7/13/18

Friday.  The way our day started out, we were moaning about it being the 13th!  Another slow start, but eventually we brought several fish to the boat on the black copperhead or ruby 2 midges.  As usual, Cathy caught the most!

Jim from Louisiana, spent Saturday morning on the water with Stan.  It was the black copperhead and ruby 2 midges for them.  Jim had a hoot of a day.

Elijah – 7/15/18

Derek and Dustin fish with Dana on Sunday.  Pretty good day for these guys on the ruby 2 or black copperhead midges, or stripping an orange crackleback.  Carolyn and Gina had a group of young men out for a morning wade trip.  Gina had Erin and Carolyn had Elijah and Ezra.  Along with their father, they all took our fly fishing clinic a few weeks ago.  They are all getting

Erin – 7/15/18

ready for a trip out to Yellowstone this fall and want to get good at fly fishing.  We worked an area with midges with some success.  Decided to move and try something different.  Between the group, we put on the JQ or a Tiger Tail.  After some more work on casting, everyone was throwing a pretty good line and stripping.  This was definitely

Ezra – 7/15/18

more successful than the midging was.  Good and bad thing was the generators coming on at noon.  Bad thing was we had to quit wading…..good thing, we quickly rigged them up with the big ruby and a San Juan worm and fished the rise.  This really helped them with the importance of, and “how to” mend their line.  Fun day!

Stan had Truman from Florida out this morning.  Throws to a lot of salt water fish, so he is a good caster.  After fishing and catching on the black copperhead and copper dun midges, they put on a JQ streamer and finished up the morning in good style.


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