Have A Safe 4th of July – Go Stand In The Water and Fish!

We continue to see low to mid 90s with lots of sunshine through Thursday.  Slight chance of showers Friday, especially during the evening hours, but still in the 90s.  That brings us a little cool down for a couple days, then back into the mid to upper 90s and lots of sunshine.

No change in the generation pattern.  Is this what it is going to be for a while?  Who knows!!!  Anyway, get out there during the morning hours (cooler then anyway) and go wading.  Still turning on 2-4 somewhere from 1:00 on until 7:00 p.m. or so.  A few times they have surprised us and turned it on a noon, but that’s still plenty of time to catch a good number of fish.

Stan out last Tuesday with JC from Kentucky.  Good day for JC on the ruby 2 and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  JC really like this way of catching fish.  This was one of those rare days when they turned one unit on at 9:00 a.m.  It did fish good with this low level of generation.

Dale – 6/29/18

Thursday and Friday, Gina had one of her long-time regulars, Dale, on the water for a couple of half days.  They had a couple of good, fun days on lots of patterns.  Thursday was a little tough, especially early, but Dale pulled all his fish that day stripping the tiger tail.  Day two it was stripping a wooly bugger or nymphing sowbugs and scuds.  Carolyn had Neil and his wife Terri on the water Thursday.  Slow morning, but eventually started catching on the white grub.  Also caught some stripping the holographic green crackleback, especially after they fired up one unit and before the second one came on.  Once the second unit came on, it was dirty water.

Friday, John and his father, Brian spend the morning with Stan.  Best pattern of the day was the white grub.  Good day for these guys.

Saturday and Sunday were filled with two different groups taking our fly fishing clinic.  Everyone finished up the clinics catching at least one fish and several caught more.  Copper dun, ruby 2 and, of course, the white grub.






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