Shut Down Spillways! Yeah!

Some awesome weather for a couple days.  Upper 50s today and lots of sunshine.  Wednesday will hit 75! with sunshine.  Only negative Wednesday might be the wind.  We’ll take it.  Thursday is another bright, warm windy day with temperatures near 80.  Then there’s Friday.  Probably thunderstorms in the morning and maybe into the afternoon.  But temperatures in the upper 60s.  Saturday and Sunday we belly out again with mid 50s Saturday and mid 40s Sunday!.  Back to pretty next week.

Finally shut down the five spillways yesterday.  Instead of 14500 cfs or better, we are now at two units with 6500-7000 cfs running.  What a difference.  Taneycomo dropped from an approximate 711 feet elevation to 706-707′.  We will probably see some level of flow for several more days, but this is certainly better and a little more fisher friendly than with the spillways open.

Stan on the water  last Wednesday with Ethan and Ashley.  Both are fairly new fly fishers and they fished the 8 spillways and 2 units.  Cool, cloudy day with lots of water but both of them caught a few fish on the ruby 2 or lightning bug under the big ruby.

The next day, Thursday, Ethan and Jim fished with Stan.  Only 5 spillways and 3 units going that day.  Wow!  They caught most of their fish on a size larger ruby 2 (16) under the big ruby.  Not a great day, but they got to catch and miss a number of fish.

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