It Was A Tiger Tail Day!

You should have been here yesterday!  Beautiful weather, sunny, AND the water was off most of the day.  Today is not going to be bad….temperatures in the mid 40s and partly sunny.  Friday is a normal February, 40s day and sunny.  By Saturday, we might see some moisture in the afternoon and temperatures again in the 40s.  Temperatures to hover somewhere in the 40s and even some low 50s next week and into the weekend.  Highest probability of moistures looks like next Tuesday.  We’ll see…

Generators were off both yesterday and the day before by at least 10:00 a.m.  Today, the projection is 55 mwh this morning and dropping to 35 around 11:00 for six hours.  55 is a bit much to wade since is puts out over 4000 cfs which raises the level 3-3-1/2 feet.  If they drop back to 35, that only raises it 1-1/2′ and around 2500 cfs.  This can be waded in some areas.  Remains to be seen.

Jim – 1/31/18

Gina out with Wednesday Jim yesterday.  Really good day for them.  While the water was running in the morning (2 units on low), they were catching mainly on the big ruby.  After the water was turned off and dropped out, it was a Tiger Tail day.

Several fishers came in yesterday looking for Tiger Tails and/or reporting that was the hot pattern for them.  For you tyers, recipe is on our website.

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