Happy New Year……at little late!

What a blustery start to the New Year.  I think it made it to 14 degrees before a few of us gals hit the water.  We lasted a couple hours and it was time to come off.  Any way you cut it though, it is the only way to start the New Year off right.  Go stand in the water and try to or catch a fish!

We’re having a heat wave right now.  Well for at least today through Wednesday.  Lot 40s today, 50 tomorrow but foggy and low 60s by Wednesday!  Wow!  Low 50s Thursday with a chance of rain.  Friday it’s back into the mid 30s and Saturday and Sunday both look like we’ll not make it to the low 30s.  That’s January!

Lots of no generation time in the afternoons.  Sunday they had the generators off all day.  Today they shut them down at noon and I think that will probably be the pattern most of the week.

No trips out but have been talking to those brave folks who have been doing some wade fishing and they report pretty good fishing.  It’s only going to get better as the fish are getting some much better quality water now to breath in!

Good basic fly tying clinic this past weekend.  And we’re full for the softhackle/crackleback clinic this coming weekend.  Check out the schedule for future clinics.  We have some good things coming up.

Bundle up and go fish!





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