It’s December!

Weather certainly does not feel like December.  Probably 70 today and again tomorrow.  Rain looks pretty likely for Monday, then we will start to see a cool down by the end of the week.  Upper 20s for the low and 40s and some 50s for the highs.

They continue to run at least a low every day, almost all day.  Saw a couple hour break early one morning, but low flow has been the pattern.

Stan on the water with Ron and Ruth Ann this past Sunday.   They had a good day on the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.  It was a beautiful, sunny day with little wind and the low one unit running.  Kathy and Ron were on their first of two full days with Carolyn.  Off to a good start using the ruby 2 under the size 16 red d-ribbed midge.

Ron and Kathy’s second day on Monday was good, but not quite as good as Sunday.  Best flies again were the ruby 2 and the red d-ribbed midges.  James had Theresa and Chuck from Wisconsin,

Theresa – 11/27/17

out for the first of their two full days.  Good first day mainly on the green holographic crackleback.  Also fished a ruby 2 under a peach egg and pulled a muraciever streamer.

Chuck – 11/28/17

Tuesday, Theresa and Chuck pulled fish again pretty much on the green holographic crackleback   Dana had Charley and Allison out, also for a full day.  It was a P&P under an orange egg or the red San Juan worm for them.

Wednesday Jim spent an enjoyable day on the water with Gina.  They fished the ruby 2 under a peach egg and stripped the holographic green crackleback.  Water was up and down this day, so fishing was up and down also.  But, it was a nice day and they caught enough fish to keep them busy and happy.





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