40s One Day….60s The Next! Tis The Season!!

Wednesday it made it to 60 and yesterday the high was 41.  Both days had lots of wind!  Today might hit 50 and we are looking at 60 for Saturday.  Chances for rain in some areas by Sunday but not much…if any, and we do need the rain!  Thought I’d never say that!

Generation has been as spastic as the weather.  If you look at the graph, it looks like a really bad EKG.  Only three days where we have had no generation for four to five hours over the past seven days.  Otherwise, we have had three units going for a few hours early in the morning, then dropping to the equivalent of one or a low one unit from late morning until some time in the afternoon.  Fortunately, with the low one unit, you can do some wading in areas.  Right now there are three units going.  Should drop to a low one by noon and pretty much stay there until 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.

“Mo” and Ralph, from Kansas, fished half a day with Carolyn Wednesday.  Windy!  We hit the water after they shut down the three units and it was dropping.  Maybe 3000 cfs going which is usually not to difficult to row against….UNLESS you have 25-30 mph of wind coming at your back!  So, you row fast as you can every time the wind stops!  We made it to a good ‘honey hole’, anchored and proceeded to have a good day on the ruby 2 under a big ruby.  The wind seemed to slow down as the water was doing the same thing, so we moved to another location and pulled the holographic green crackleback behind a tiger tail and caught some more fish.  We had a lot one unit going all the time we were on the water.  Overall, a good, fun day on the water even though it was a big nippy and the wind played havoc with one’s cast every once in a while.

Thursday, Ralph was back for more.  This time he brought one of his sons with him….another Ralph.  Ralph drove in from Florida to meet the rest of the family for a get together.  Stan started them on the water a little later in the morning as it was one of those days where they had a heavy three units going early.  By noon, they shut the water completely off and it stayed off until 5:00 p.m.  Another good day for the guys on copper dun all by its self.  When the fish shut down on this, the bite was on the ruby 2 around 3:00.  Not as active stripping Thursday, but Ralph did catch a few on the holographic green crackleback.  Another good, fun day for these guys.


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