Doesn’t Feel Like Fall!

It certainly felt good to get out of the boat and stand in the cool water yesterday.  Another hot one today….upper 80s.  Due to some rain coming through tonight and into early tomorrow morning, it will be cool tomorrow, but back into the 70s Monday which will continue through the next week with a few 80s scattered throughout the week.

More and more days with no generation in the morning.  This has been the trend for past seven days.  Yesterday, they opened the equivalent of three units at 1:00 p.m. and ran something for seven hours.  Off again this morning as well as tomorrow.  We’ll see a little generation for an hour or two later in the afternoon.

Fishing is still tough.  We bring more fish to the boats on some days but are really working for them.  Still, and will continue, seeing lots of dead fish in the water.  Back to my “soap box” take a little more time to revive your fish when you release them.

Bob & Mark from Florida on the water with Dana last Sunday.  Not a bad day for them on the P&P or copper dun midges, a #16 brown San Juan worm, or the B-Bug.  They fished from the root wad down to the boat ramp.

Monday, Dana took Ken out for the day.  They worked for the fish they caught that day on the orange egg, ruby 2 and olive soft hackle.

Jim and his father, Tony, fished with Carolyn Tuesday.  Cold, windy, rainy day.  Windy enough we were blown off anchor at least three times.  Did manage to find a few fish on the JQ streamer stripping on a 4 ips sinking leader or drifting a

Richie – 10/10/17

chartreuse egg pattern.   Nasty as it was, we did have a fun day.  Dana was blowing by us with Richie from Texas.  This was Rickie’s first experience with a fly rod.  What a way to start.  He did well and landed a few fish on the copper dun midge in the Rockin Chair area.  Even Stan was out on a day like this.  He had Jim and his friend, Dave out for the morning.  They too did their best on the copper dun midge.




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