Every Day Is A Surprise!

The weather continues to be pleasant.  Had a few days with rain, but it hasn’t been so bad, except for a weeks ago Sunday, that we couldn’t get in some fishing.  Great temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s.  A chance for rain tomorrow morning, but the rest of the week looks like sunny skies and mid 80s to low 90s.

Generation has been a bit spastic the past few days.  What they are posting and what is happening are a tad apart.  Suppose to start generation at 7:00 a.m. the past three mornings.  NOT.  Started later in the day both Saturday and Sunday.  More Saturday then projected.  Sunday was about right on as far as flow.  Today, they blew threw a bunch of water at noon.

Brian – 8/4/17

A week ago this past Friday was one of those surprise days.  Had Brian and Bess and Dan and Paul came along to wade with us and on comes the generators just about the time we all got ready to fish.  So it’s plan B time.  Low flow, so we moved up to below the fish ladder and Brian and Bess fished the edge and I took Dan and Paul out toward the middle.  We caught a few on the tiger tail and one or two on the holographic green crackleback.  Brian and Bess were fishing the ruby 2 and also caught a few.  After a little bit, everyone swapped places, and Brian and Bess fished the middle with me.

Ross & 20″ brown – 8/5/17

Group of guys out with us a week ago Saturday.  James had Ross and Matt in his boat.  Fun day for them on the ruby 2 and throwing a hopper pattern.  Nice brown for Ross on the hopper.  Carolyn had Kevin and his son, Dylan.  First time fly fishing for these two guys and they caught on pretty quickly.  It was either the ruby 2 or black copperhead midge for these guys.

Kevin – 8/5/17

Mark and Mike spent the morning with Dana.  Ruby 2 and black copperhead midges were their patterns also.

Tuesday, James took Marv from Iowa out for half a day.  This was a surprise present from his wife.  First time fly fishing for him and it was a pretty good day.  He brought in a nice 18-1/2″ fish.  Flies were the ruby 2 and size 18 tan scud.  Dana had Rick and Lisa on the water for half a day.  They had a good day on the ruby 2 and P&P under an egg pattern.

Marv – 8/8/17

Bill from Illinois spent the morning Wednesday on the water with Carolyn.  Bill wanted to work on various presentations and catch fish…..of course.  Good day on the ruby 2, tiger tail and a few on the holographic green crackleback.

Laura – 081017

Laura and Karl fished with Carolyn Thursday.  Fun day for them mainly on the ruby 2 midge.  If I remember correctly, this was something new they wanted to try.

Friday was another fun day.  Carolyn had Kelley and her daughter out for half a day.  Both were brand new to fly fishing and it was a tough start to the morning.  Finally, we found some fish and finished up with a pretty good day.  I think Katlin’s smile is

Katlin – 8/11/17

Kelley – 8/11/17

almost as large as her fish!





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