Another Awesome Off-Water Morning!

Another 90s day, and, of course, heat advisory day.  This week looks like more of the same.  By Friday, there is a chance for rain.  Kind of hoped we would get some today, but it didn’t pan out.  A little rain would give us a day or two of relief from the 90s.

Both Friday and Saturday morning, they had the water off again until noon.  It’s been running all day today and scheduled to do the same again tomorrow.  Low one unit tomorrow morning until 7:00 a.m. but then it goes up to two units and three by noon.  They did get some of the cars out Saturday.  Not certain how many, but if they did not get all of them, and I don’t think they did, maybe they will shut the water down again next Friday and Saturday mornings.

Hans – 7/22/17

We had a group of people participating in the Orvis 301 clinic on the water Saturday.  Did they pick the right time to come.  Other than the blazing heat that day, the water

Steven – 7/22/17

was off in the morning.  Just like last time, you could catch them on almost anything!  James took Steven and Hans out for the day.  Fun day for them with the P&P, stripping tiger tails and throwing hopper patterns.   Stan’s guys, John & Ryan were stripping the tiger tail and crackleback

Linda – 7/22/17

most of the time they were on the water.  Linda and Tim, from Topeka, were out with Gina.  Started our with midges in the morning, the ruby 2, and P&P.   Then,  as things slowed down, she turned them into strippers using the tiger tail.  After the water came on, it was the big

Tim – 7/22/17

ruby w/ lightning bug or an egg and red midge dropper.  Dana’s guys, Brian and Don were catching on the black copperhead midge, lightning bug and cerise San

Don – 7/22/17

Juan worm.   I know a fun day was had by all.  Lots of smiley faces on the river Saturday morning

Brian – 7/22/17

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