Yes, I’m Ready For Some Cool Weather!

We continue to see temperatures in the 70s and lots of sunshine.  It’s hard to believe this is Halloween!  It almost always is cold and even rainy for Halloween.  I am ready for some cool weather.  We need to cool down the take so it will turn over!

Not much change in the generation patterns.  Maybe a unit on for an hour in the a.m., but generally it has been on for a little while in the late afternoon and off all day.  No complaints there!

Jim and Stan on the water this past Monday with Meredith and a group of his friends from the Indiana area.  Jim had Bob and Mary and Stan took Meredith and Warren.  Monday fished a little slow, but they all caught fish. Jim’s was on the baby ruby with either a gray scud or blood worm dropper.  Stan fished the Ruby 2.

Tuesday, Carolyn took Bob and Mary and Stan fished again with Meredith and Warren.  This was one of the days when they fired up a unit for an hour as they had to raise the water level so a pontoon boat could go up stream with some guys to work on the dam.  What a difference this ‘kick water’

Mary - 10/25/16

Mary – 10/25/16

did for the fish.  It was like someone flipped a switch.  Great day for everyone on the Ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Mary had three fish to the boat before I could get Bob ready and in the water.  What a fun day.  Bet you could hear us all over the river!   Jim took Leonard and Curtis out for half a day.  They were catching on the bug eyed bugger and baby ruby with the blood worm dropper.

Wednesday, Jim and Charles went out with Jim for half a day.  Some weather moved in so Jim came off early.  They did catch a few fish on the baby ruby and blood worm dropper.  Stan and his guys John and his nephew Richard.  They stuck it out and caught fish mainly on the ruby 2.  This was a new experience for Richard.

Joe and Steve fished half a day

Steve - 10/28/16

Steve – 10/28/16

with Carolyn on Friday.  Very good day for these guys on the black copperhead midge, ruby 2 and even stripping the tiger tail.  A few tangles, a few misses, but a fun day.  Jim had Tom and Kelly out.  Pretty new fishers, so Jim was in instructional mode.  They caught fish on the P&P, baby ruby and blood worm dropper.

Fishing has been good.  They are still spotty.  We have had to move around to find them, but usually when we do, we can find a good number of fish.  We are seeing quite a few dead fish on the bottom as we drift down stream.  Remember, the dissolved oxygen is low and take more time to revive the fish before you release them.  Watch them as they swim away as they might swim away for 10-15 feet and flip over again.


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