Drink Lots of Water!

Days have been hot and forecast is for more of the same so we have been having had advisories almost every day.  Hottest days are forecast for Friday and Saturday in the upper 90s.  Chances for rain start popping up by Saturday.  Might not be so bad if it would rain.  Next week looks like a cool down to the low 90s.  With that comes increased chances for rain.

Generation has been pretty much the same every day this week.  Low generation in the a.m. then kicking it up to the equivalent of three units by 11:00 a.m. or noon.  Running the higher level for 5-7 hours, then back down to the equivalent of one or less for the night.

Roger - 7/15/16

Roger – 7/15/16

Sitting out in the middle of the river with the sun beating down really takes its toll.  Especially if one does not keep hydrated, so take lots of water with you when you go out.

Fun day on the water for Stan last Friday when he had Dave and Roger out for half a day.   Good fishing for these guys on the

David - 7/15/16

David – 7/15/16

Ruby 2 under the big Ruby.

Saturday, Dana took JJ and his eleven year old son, Keaton, out for half a day.  Good day for these two fishers on the Ruby 2 and the copperhead black midge.

Due to the heat and funky generation patterns, Stan turned the full day trip he had scheduled on Monday with Tom and his son, Michael into a half day trip.  Hot day and fishing went south when they turned on two more units a couple hours earlier than scheduled.  It is not unusual for the Monday schedule to be a little off the wall.  Sure it’s hard to predict what they will need to do on Friday when they put out the schedule.  Anyway, they had a good half a day and were happy campers!  You guessed it….big ruby with the Ruby 2 dropper.

Yesterday, Stan took Terry and Yasuto, from Oklahoma, out for half a day.  Really good day for these two guys on the ruby/ruby combo.

Knox - 7/19/16

Knox – 7/19/16

Carolyn was fishing Knox and Gabrielle with the same pattern combo and they, too were having a really good day.  Knox had the opportunity to fish the North Platte in Wyoming with some of his friends

Gabrielle - 7/19/16

Gabrielle – 7/19/16

last fall and he would say “these fish look like those on the Platte”.  We did catch some quality fish.   Gabrielle and Knox took our two-day fly fishing school last year.


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