Lots of New, Young Fly Fishers!

Another beautiful, warm, sunny day today.  However, think we are in for a change tomorrow.  They are saying showers will move through here tomorrow afternoon along with a drop in temperatures.  Highs for the next three days look like mid to upper 50s.  However, by Monday, we are back into the 60s and Tuesday and Wednesday look like 70s with sunshine.

Still lots of water running due to the spillway gates being open to compensate for the one generator that is under maintenance.  At the rate it is dropping, we should be to the desired 916 feet some time tomorrow late.  At that time the spillway gates should be closed, but we will probably continue to see two or three of the generators continue running until we hit 915.  We’ll just have to see!

Zach - 3/13/16

Zach – 3/13/16

Since it is Spring Break time, we have seen lots of new, young fly fishers.  Dana was on the water Sunday with Zach from Iowa.  He had been wanting to learn fly fishing so his mother set him up with us.  I think his first fish was a nice 18″ rainbow.  He had a very good start to fly fishing on the big ruby, cerise worm and ruby 2 midge.  He definitely likes it!  Stan had Steve and his son, Clay out for the day.  They did well on the big ruby and cerise worm.

Monday, Carolyn took Matt and his son Luis out for half a day.  Good day for Luis too as one of his first fish was a 16-1/2″ rainbow he caught on the big ruby,

Louisa - 3/14/16

Luis – 3/14/16

He continued catching most of the trip and left Dad just catching a few.  Dad was okay with this as he wanted Luis to had a good time.   Stan had Steve and Clay out again for half a day.  A bit tougher day for these guys.  Boated a few fish but definitely not as good as the day before.

Two brothers, Justin and Jack, from Kansas spent Wednesday afternoon on the water with Stan.  Good day for these young fishers.  Jack’s first fish was 19-1/2″.

Jack - 3/16/16

Jack – 3/16/16


Justin – 3/16/16

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