Good Fishing!

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop on this great weather.  Yesterday was in the upper 70s and sunny all day.  We are expecting that again today.  Little cool down moving through so tomorrow and Thursday will only be in the upper 60s.  Friday and Saturday a little cooler….mid to upper 50s, then back into the 60s Sunday and Monday and 70s by Tuesday.  Minimal chances of rain currently forecast through this period.

We continue to see generation.  Yesterday they ran four units for a couple hours early in the morning, then three for the balance of the day.  Today they have scheduled three units all way.

The water is still off colored, but I think it is improving a little.  At least you can see out three to four feet away from the bank in some areas.

Last Thursday, Stan took Don and Steve from Illinois our for half a day.  Very good half day for these guys.  Steve finally caught his first brown and he has been fishing with us for several years.  It was a nasty day last Thursday.  It was 50 degrees with a strong cold wind and drizzle.  But, when you’re catching fish, one can tolerate anything.  Best patterns were the cerise worm and big ruby midge.  Mark and Scott also from Illinois spent the morning on the river with Jim.  Short day for these guys as Scott underestimated how cool it was going to be on the water (despite recommendations from both Jim and Mark), and he was almost frozen in no time so off the water.

Mark - 3/11/16

Mark – 3/11/16

Carolyn had Mark and Don on the water Friday.   Mark had the front of the boat and he was on fire.  It was another big ruby midge day.  Stan also on the water.  He had Mike who comes to us from Kansas out for half a day.  They too had a good day on the big ruby but also the cerise worm.


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