Looking A Lot Like Fall Out There!

Last weekend was just down right miserable.  Fortunately, we have since has some nice, warm, sunny days.  Today is no exception.  Sun is shining and we are expecting upper 60s.  Tomorrow through Wednesday, looks pretty much with temperatures in the low to mid 70s.

What can I say about the generation schedule?  Off most of the week during the day, then running all day yesterday, today and I think, tomorrow!!!  So much for the weekend fishers.  However, it was as a level yesterday, and is projected to be at that same level today, for waders to get out in various places and throw a line.

Last Saturday was one of those miserable day.  But, we had a few “die hards”

Andrea - 120/11/14

Andrea – 120/11/14

who braved the cold, windy, wet, 52 degree day.   Bobbie and Andrea were out with Gina.  this was Andrea’s first trout on a fly.  Unfortunately, it was too bitter for them, so they came off early….to be continued….on a better day.  Stan had Gary and Dennis out all day.  These crazy guys made it through the day and had a good day on the red midge and L’il Ruby.

Sunday was definitely a better weather day, and Stan took first Kris and Lisa out for the morning.  Lisa drew the right cards, so in the afternoon, it was Lisa and Steve.  Good day for these guys and definitely a good, informative day for all.  They caught fish mainly on the P&P midge almost all day.

Much better day last Tuesday, other than the wind!,  when Stan took Chuck out all day.  Good catching day, on the P&P and black zebra midges.  No generation all day!

Brad - 10/15/14

Brad – 10/15/14

Very good day for Brad from Kentucky on Wednesday.  he spent the day on the water with Gina, catching and learning.  Best patterns were the black copperhead midge, JQ streamer and grey scud.

Thursday, Darrell took Tom, from Kansas out for half a day.  Not a bad day for Tom on the P&P and black copperhead midges.


Patrick – 10/18/14

Got to keep Darrell out of trouble so we put him back on the water Saturday with Patrick.  Good day for Patrick on the ruby and black copperhead midges.  Mike, from Oklahoma had not fished for a

Mike - 10/18/14

Mike – 10/18/14

while, so he spent the morning with Stan.  Good day for Mike on the black copperhead and P&P midges.  Dana had a full day with Rusty and Mike.  They caught fish on the JQ streamer, size 12 gray scud and both the holographic green and pumpkin cracklebacks.

Rusty - 10/18/14

Rusty – 10/18/14


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