Up and Down!

Still having beautiful weather!  Looks like it is going to stay around for a few more days.  Wednesday has a hint of rain in the forecast and Thursday looks very promising….80% chance.  Temperatures holding in the mid 80s through Wednesday then dropping into the mid 70s into the weekend, and upper 70s by Sunday.

Generation schedule, just like the fishing, has been up and down all week.  Off Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings, and running all day Monday.  Today it came on at noon with two units.

Not a bad half day last Thursday for Bobby and Alex who fished with Stan.  As a matter of fact, the half day was probably better than the full day.

Saturday, Darrell, Dana and Stan were all out with groups for the Orvis 301

Kevin - 9/27/14

Kevin – 9/27/14

Clinic.  Darrell had Marvin from Kansas.  They had a good day on the P&P.  Dana’s guys, Bill and Kevin, also from Kansas. did well on the tan flashback scud, the white grub and a tan b-bug.   Craig and Chris from Kansas were with Stan for the day.  They also had a good day on the P&P as well as stripping the tiger tail.  Everyone would agree that the morning was pretty slow, but things definitely picked up later in the morning and especially when they turned on a couple generators.

Bill - 9/27/14

Bill – 9/27/14

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