A Little Color Showing!

This rain we have had yesterday and today will certainly help the trees color up instead of turning brown.  I had been noticing quite a bit of brown in the trees, but today I noticed a faint yellow.

Looks like rain chances most of today.  Slight chances tomorrow and increasing Saturday, especially Saturday night into Sunday morning.  Temperatures in the 80s until Monday when we will see the rain chances go away and temperatures in the upper70s to mid-week, then low 80s.

No generation almost all weekend and how great it was!  Lots of reports of great fishing.  Couple of ladies who fish regularly here landed 60 plus fish between them on the black copperhead midge and an egg pattern.  I fished a couple days in a row for just a few hours each day, and had a wonderful time just stripping the holographic green crackleback right under the film.  Erratic strips and stopping every once in a while.  Many of the fish took it while it was just sitting or drifting.  What fun!!

Stan on the water Tuesday with Bob, from Arizona.  Very good day for Bob on the black copperhead midge and Lil ruby midge.   No generation that morning.  That day the fish were tolerating a 6X tipped on the drift.

Yesterday, Stan had Paul from Texas out for the morning.  No 6X tippet yesterday!  They wanted 7X on the drift.   Once they discovered this, Paul started getting hits and fish on the P&P midge.


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