Crazy Generation and Some Hot Days!!

Low 90s predicted for today and tomorrow and Sunday look like scorchers….upper 90s!  Mid to upper 80s projected for all next week and chances of rain are pretty slim.

Ran water both days last weekend, the turned it off for Monday morning.  Mid-day then turned it on and cranked it!  Tuesday and Wednesday, lower float in the a.m. but bumped it up early afternoon.   We did have until noon yesterday before they turned it on, but boy when they did.  All four units (they were supposed to ramp it up) and it dirtied up big time!  Off today until 10:00 a.m. and, so far, they are doing pretty much what they projected.

Sistie - 7/18/14

Sistie – 7/18/14

Ketchup time!  Gina had Roger and Sistie out last Friday.  Good day for these two on a UV gray scud, size 16 black copperhead midge and the peach egg.  This is Sistie’s second time fly fishing and it just gets better.

Roger - 071814

Roger – 071814

Stan had Phil and Nick out for the day.  They had a good day on the holographic green crackleback and a peach egg with the black copperhead midge dropper.  Kathy and Ron from Louisiana, were in the area with family.  They couldn’t stand it and had to go fishing Friday.  Pretty good day for them, especially on the holographic green crackleback.  Bad news was that Ron caught one more fish than Kathy!  Oh well, he was about due.  Jim had David, from Oklahoma out all day.  David just finished the Orvis School and wanted to practice what he had learned.  Think he learned a whole lot more that day and caught fish!  It was the CQ streamer, copperhead black midge and gray scud for them.  Darrell

Charlie - 7/18/14

Charlie – 7/18/14

had Charlie and Sam out for half a day.  Tough day for these guys.  Pattern was the P&P midge.

Last Monday was a whole new game on the water.  Good day of generation as the heavy water did not come on until 3:00 p.m.  What a difference.  Ron and Sharon fished with Carolyn.  Great day!

Ron - 7/21/14

Ron – 7/21/14

Started out up by the root wad and caught a few on the black copperhead midge.  Pulled a couple more on the CQ streamer.   Knew the water was coming on just after lunch so we headed downstream, had lunch and fished the rise when they turned on two units.  Fast and furious hooking, missing and catching on the red San Juan worm dropped from a peach egg pattern.  Wore them out!  Stan took Katie and her boyfriend, Beau out for the day.  Katie finally caught a fish on a fly rod plus several more!  They both had a very good day on the crackleback and a rockworm caddis softhackle….the highlight of the day!  Especially for Katie as that was what she caught her first fish on.

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