Busy Weekend!

Hot weekend, but what a wonderful start to this week.  Yesterday was in the low 80s and that is what we are getting again today!  Chances of scattered showers tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 70s.  Thursday through Saturday go from mid 80s to upper 80s, and back in the low 90s by Sunday.

Generation over the weekend was mean.  Saturday we started the day with no generation.  By noon, they fired up all four units and everything went south!  Lots of water and lots of stuff floating in the water.  Sunday was a little better.  They did not turn on as much water.  Yesterday it came on at 1:00 p.m. and they blew through a good four units.  Today we were expecting generation by 10:00 a.m.  It is after noon and we are still waiting.  Ahh!  Life in a tailwater!  Think I have said that before.

Beth - 7/26/14

Beth – 7/26/14

Lots of trips out this weekend.    Dana had Beth and Wes out Saturday.  Good day for these two on the holographic green crackleback and a size 22 rusty

Wes - 7/26/14

Wes – 7/26/14

midge.  Bill and Ron, from Kansas were on the water with Jim.  They did well pulling a size 12 CQ streamer.  Darrell had Karen and Jeremy from the Kansas City area.  They did best on a brown San Juan worm and the P&P midge.    Stan took David and Steve, both from the

Karen - 7/26/14

Karen – 7/26/14

Overland Park area out for the day.  Like everyone, considering the conditions, not a bad say on the P&P midge and a holographic green crackleback.

Paula - 7/27/14

Paula – 7/27/14

Sunday, Darrell was out again.  This time with David and Billy Crupper.  Good day for these guys on the San Juan worm and P&P midge.  Billy caught a nice 19 inch brown.

Billy - 7/27/14

Billy – 7/27/14

Gina had Paula and Chris out for the day.  Not a bad day for them either on the big ruby and the black copperhead midge.   Sunday, Stan had Steve and Woody out for the day.   It  was a big ruby day for these two guys.  Steve caught a nice 17-1/2″ rainbow that looked (in the below picture) that he was trying to get away.

Steve - 7/27/14

Steve – 7/27/14

Ed from Kansas and Bob from the Jefferson City area, were out with Dana.  CQ streamer, red San Juan worm and red midge were their patterns for the day.

Full day trips are still very “iffy” right now because of how they are turning on the generators and because there is so much algae in the water.  All four at once…dirty, dirty, dirty.  If they ramp them up one or two at a time, it is not so bad and you can usually get in a descent day.



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