Ketchup Time Again!!

Let’s try something new!  Zero chances of rain tomorrow.  However, slight chances come back on Tuesday through Friday, and they are projecting at this time, zero chances for Saturday, with 60-70% chances by Sunday and Monday.

No generation during the morning hours and water coming on around 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. each afternoon.  Would not be too bad, but they have actually run four generators many days and that really trashes up the water!  Off until 2:00 both today and projected the same for tomorrow.

Way behind in trips.  Ron and Sharon on the water with Carolyn last Saturday.  Good day for Sharon on the CQ streamer on the sinking leader.   We also caught some on the holographic green crackleback stripping it subsurface in the shallow water.  Not a great day, we caught several fish and had a great time!   Jim had Ray and Cameron, from Texas out for half a day.  Cameron is pretty new to fly fishing, so Jim worked with him a little.  They caught fish on the rusty midge, blood worm and hot hare’s ear nymph.

Sunday, Stan took Drs. Jim & Jack from Springfield out for the day.  These two are new to fly fishing, so it was a learning curve with knots, casting, mending, and all that other neat stuff that goes with fly fishing….including bring in a good number of fish.  Patterns were the size 12 big ruby (2 units at put in and 2 more before they got off the river), P&P and crackleback.

Jim took one of his regulars, Dwan out for half a day on Monday.  Pull a good number of fish on the rusty midge and micro scud.

Belinda - 6/25/14

Belinda – 6/25/14

Tuesday, Stan and Carolyn took two couple out for the morning.  Of course, Carolyn took the ladies, Belinda and Laura and Stan had the guys, Barry and Joe.  Don’t know about the guys, but us gals had a good time.  Best pattern was the holographic green crackleback on the sinking leader for both of the ladies.  Belinda also caught a couple nice fish on the copper dun midge.

Laura - 6/24/14

Laura – 6/24/14


Jim also on the water Tuesday.  He had tom and Nancy from Independence out for the day.  Fished tough, but they brought in several fish a variety of patterns.  As Jim said, “fished everything, no good one pattern”.

Jackson - 6/25/14

Jackson – 6/25/14

Wednesday, Stan had David and Jackson out for half a day.  They wanted a full day, but the way the generators have been trashing the water when it comes on, we encouraged they to take a half day.  After they saw the water when it came on, they were happy with this decision.  David has been on several guide trip and he finally caught his first trout on a fly rod!  Good day for these new fly fishers on the copper dun and Lil ruby midges and the holographic green crackleback.  Darrell also out with a father-son duo, Tim and Nathan.  They had a good day on the copper dun and black zebra midges.

Fishing is slower than normal for this time of the year.  Yes, you will catch some fish if you stick with it, change patterns enough times or find that special spot where they are feeding.  Some days they hit best pulling streamers, next day they will only take midges, scuds or some other patterns.  Don’t complain.  We are spoiled as fishing is generally much better here than many of the other places we fish!

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