And The Rain Came!

And the rain came, and Table Rock Lake went up almost 1/2 a foot in a couple days.  A few scattered showers today, but we are expecting no rain, for at least a couple more days and temperatures into the 70s.  Best chance for rain looks like Sunday, but it will still be in the 70s.  A little cool down early next week, probably due to the chance of rain coming in Sunday.  Temperatures could drop to the low 60s by Monday.

Quite a bit heavier water flows yesterday and again today.  I just have a feeling we are going to see these heavier flows for a few days in order to get Table Rock Lake back to or below power pool.

Before the rains, over the weekend, Stan on the water Saturday with Gary and his friend Bill from the Lee’s Summit area.  Gary told Bill that when they were running water, this was the only

Gary & nice 18" Rainbow - 4/5/14

Gary & nice 18″ Rainbow – 4/5/14

way to get into fish was get in the drift boat with Stan.  They had a good day, especially stripping the holographic green crackleback on the sinking leader.

Bill - 4/5/14

Bill – 4/5/14





Sunday, Gina and Dana took a group from Indiana out for half a day.  Gina took the ladies, Angie and her daughter Kacey, and Dana took the guys, Kevin and his son, Jonathan.  It was a nip and tuck day as to which group was going to catch the most, but the guys edged past the ladies by just a

Kacey - 4/6/14

Kacey – 4/6/14

few fish.  Everyone was new to fly fishing and every one loved it.  I think we definitely have two more lady fly fishers in our midst.  They already loved fishing, now they like fly fishing.  Best 

Angie - 4/6/14

Angie – 4/6/14




patterns were the black or little ruby under an egg pattern or the red midge or P&P under the big ruby. 

Kevin & Jonathan - 4/6/14

Kevin & Jonathan – 4/6/14




Jim was out with Jimmie and his friend, Joe, from Florida.  They all had a good day stripping a size 12 CQ streamer or a size 12 holographic green crackleback….of course on a sinking line.  They also did well drifting a size 18 black midge.

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