Windy City has nothing on us.  Yesterday’s wind included 40 mph gusts at times.  Today is not quite as bad, but it is still windy.  Looks like 70s for a couple days, then into the 50s for the weekend….figures.  50s through mid-week, then back into the 60s.  Not seeing any moisture for the coming week.

Generation pattern this week has been “not what they projected”.  Water on, then off, then back on yesterday.  Today we were supposed to have some down time, but it has run something all day.  Lots of up and down over the past 3-4 days.  Projection is for generation all day.  This one they may follow. 

Stan on the water Monday with Scott and his son, Chandler.  Sorry to day, Chandler got sick early in the trip so it wasn’t the best day for him.  They were catching fish on the lightning bug and red midge.

Tuesday, Darrell took Chuck, from Oklahoma out for half a day.  Good day for Chuck on the P&P or copper dun midges, and stripping a black wooly bugger.  This was the on, then off, then on water day.  Carolyn had a fun day

Megan's first trout - 3/18/14

Megan’s first trout – 3/18/14

 introducing Megan to fly fishing.  This was her and her father, Gary’s, special day together fly fishing.  This was something Megan expressed an interest in doing, and, of course, Gary was more than happy to grant her wish!  Second cast on a copper dun dropper under a lightning bug caught Megan’s first rainbow on a fly rod.  Gary was lagging for a while, but managed to catch some nice fish, also on the copper dun.  This was the 

Gary - 3/18/14

Gary – 3/18/14

great part of the day.  The bad part of the day was the wind.  At one time, with two generators going and our anchor out, we were being blown upstream.  What a day!  Stan was also being blown everywhere with Steven and his nephew, Evan.  By the way, everyone out this day was from Oklahoma.  Anyway, this was Evan’s first experience with a fly rod and he did very well.  He and Steven caught fish on the copper dun, the blue poison and P&P midges.

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