Oh What A Relief It Is!

This beautiful weather is definitely a relief from the bitter cold and snow!  Almost all traces of the snow have melted away!  we are looking at mid to upper 50s today and 60s tomorrow into possibly Thursday.  Thursday, however, has a slight chance of moisture in the forecast.  After that, 50s dropping to the low 50s by next weekend. 

Generation schedule has been pretty consistent.  No units during the week from mid morning until late afternoon.  We are still scratching our heads wondering why they generate on the weekends!  For the past two weekends we have had some kind of generation.  However, this weekend, it was wader friendly.  Low units later in the morning until late afternoon.

Jim on the water Saturday with a couple, Don and Mary, from Illinois.  Pretty much an instructional trip for Mary as she is pretty new to fly fishing.  they had a good day on the CQ streamer, a red midge with a brown San Juan worm dropper.  Miss Dawn and Albert spent the afternoon with Carolyn.  Fun, fun day for us.  Lots of fish on the lightning bug with or without a black copperhead zebra midge dropper.  Meanwhile, JA was out with Stan and they were downstream catching on a plain black wooly bugger using sink tip line.

Sunday Chris and his son, Garrett, spent half a day on the water with Jim.  Good day for them on the CQ streamer.  Stan took Ron from Wisconsin out for his first time fly fishing.  Unfortunately, Ron is scheduled for a shoulder surgery in a few weeks, so casting was not his forte.  He did, however, get the fly into the water enough to hook some fish on an orange egg pattern under the big ruby. 


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