Happy New Year?!

Sorry for the very late Happy New Year!  I have been out of commission since last Saturday with some kind of “creeping crud”.  Anyway, I do think I am going to survive and am certainly ready for SPRING!!!!!!  Rain in the forecast for tomorrow (like that….rain…..not ice or snow) with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s.  Temperatures continue to climb.  Friday and Saturday show upper 40s…maybe low 50s.  Definitely low tomid 50s early nesxt week, then upper 40s sliding into the lowe 40s by next weekend……I’ll take it!

We finally saw some off generation during the late morning yesterday and the day before.  Last time we had wadeable water was last Saturday and Sunday, when we had some off time in the morning then generation the balance of each day.  Today we are seeing anywhere from one to a high two units all day. 

Stan on the water the last Monday of 2013 with Patrick and his friend Josh.  This was Josh’s bachelor outting.  With three units and 7800 cfs, the guys had a great half day on the big ruby and an egg pattern.  Good luck Josh.  Hope your new wife will let you come and fish again some day.

Penny - 1/1/14!

Penny – 1/1/14!

A few of the RRWFF “polar group” were on the river again this New Year’s Day.  Some were rewarded more than others as with Penny and this nice rainbow!  It was a fun day for everyone, and almost every everyone caught fish.  A variety of patterns were working, but the best seemed to be either a pink or red San Juan worm dropped from either the big ruby or an egg pattern.  Also, depending on where you were fishing, the big black midge with a size 18 black midge dropper caught a few fish.  What a fun, Happy New Year day.  Great way to start the year.

  Saturday, Stan took Kim, from Smithville, out for half a day float.  Kim throws a good stick and they caught quite a few fish, mainly on the ruby midge.

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