Pick A Few Here, Pick A Few There!

Weather is pretty warm. 90s today and again tomorrow. Thursday is supposed to start cooling down a little; into the upper 80s, then mid to low 80 by next week. Even a slight chance rain by next Monday.

The generation pattern continues to be off in the a.m. until 2:00 p.m or better, then 2-3 units turned on for just a few hours.

Saturday, Stan took Tom and Bob out just about 30 minutes before they fired up three units. The guys were in a meeting all morning but wanted to get in some fishing time. Tough time with the heavy, dirty water, but they managed to pull out a few fish on the big ruby midge on a quick float. They also had to be off the water earlier than normal.

Jim - 9/8/13

Steve and Jim, from California spent most of the day on the water with Stan Sunday. Good day for these guys on the copper dun & P&P midges. The water stayed off until 3:00 p.m. and they rowed back up to the put-in and called it a day.

Jim on the river today with Jim from Texas. Not a bad day on the size 12 olive wooly bugger, a coppier dun midge and a blood worm dropper.
Carolyn had Michael and Gina, also from Texas, out for a half day wade trip. This was Gina’s first fly

Gina - 9/9/13

fishing expedition. Gotta say, she did outfish Michael. But, in Michael’s defense, Gina got all the help. Michael hooked a couple on a size 12 BH olive bugger. The midge patterns were switching back and forth based on the fog. When the fog rolled in, copper dun. When the fog lifted, P&P. Gina also caught a couple on a red holographic crackleback stripping it in the shallows.

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