Lots of Morning Wading Time!

Sorry, here was last week’s post. Back to the warmer days. Mid 90s today, which will probably be the temperatures through the weekend. Forcast is calling for mid to upper 80s by next week. Not seeing any rain in the near term forecast.

Lots of wading time during the morning hours. Looks like the generators, two or three, have been coming on around 1:00 p.m. or so and staying on for 6-8 hours; then back off again. This will probably be the trend based on the fact that Table Rock Lake is a little below top power pool. Main thing to change that would be a big demand for power somewhere.

I hear from the water today that fishing is a little tough. Checking our dissolved oxygen level earlier, and it was not too good. It should improve after they kick on the generators.

This past weekend fished well. Stan took Jim and Bea, from Kansas out for half a day Saturday. Good day for these two on the P&P midge.

Monday, Eric & Sherie from Texas spend the morning on the water with Stan. Sherie’s first time fly fishing and she caught some fish! Not a real great catching day, but they did catch some fish on the P&P, size 18 ruby midge and the black zebra with the copperhead.

Jim took Larry and Doc out for half a day on Tuesday. Again, not a really good catching day and Jim said their was no best fly. Amongst the many flies they threw, they did boat some fish.

Wednesday was a slow start for Jack from Oklahoma. He spent the morning on the water with Stan. However, he certainly pulled more fish out that they than the trips the two days prior. Started off with the black zebra with a copper head and switched to a pink San Juan worm dropper when the water came on.

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