Great Day…Good Day…to “Where’s The Fish?”

Had a little rain most of the morning this past Monday.  Tuesday was a nice, overcast, slightly windy day with temps. in the 80s.  Today is partly sunny and temperatures in the mid 80s.  Upper 80s are predicted for tomorrow, again with party sunny skies.  Friday looks like a pretty good chance of rain.  From Friday through the weekend, mid 70s are called for.  Upper 70s and into the low 80s next week and very little chance of moisture.

Same pattern on generation that we have seen for the past two weeks.  Off most of the weekends.  Maybe a unit on for 1-2 hours late in the day and then back off.  No generation in the morning during the week, but one, two or three units coming on anywhere from 1:00 p.m. on.  Usually, by 1:00.

Last Wednesday, Darrell had Mel and Larry out for half a day.  Good day for

Mel - 9/11/13

Mel – 9/11/13


Thursday, Darrell took Larry out again, this time, with Al.  Very good day for these guys on the P&P, and when the water came on, the #16 brown worm under the big ruby midge. 

 Carolyn had Mike and Jan out again on Thursday, and they also had a great day.  Good quality fish for both Darrell’s guys on this day as well as Carolyn’s      

Jan with 20 inch Rainbow - 9/12/13

Jan with 20 inch Rainbow – 9/12/13


nice 20 inch rainbow.  Best patterns for Jan and Mike were the size 18 ruby and P&P midges, and a size 12 olive wooly bugger.   Stan had Steve, from the St. Louis area, out for the day.  Not as good a day for them.  They boated some fish on the P&P and ruby midges. 

It has been a week of great days, good days and “where’s the fish” days.  Places where you are smoking them one day will produce nothing but frustration the next day.  Guess that is why they call it fishing!


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