Beautiful Weather….Beautiful Fish!

Great weather last week with temperatures in the 80s and lots of sunshine. We did get some much needed rain on Saturday and it left us with temperatures in the 70s through the weekend and into Monday. Next week, they are predicting low 80s with little chance of rain until possible Friday.. In the meantime, sunny to partly sunny every day.

Generation schedule continues to be wader friendly. One unit on last yesterday for an hour and the same plan again today. We will get more water tomorrow afternoon. The schedule is pretty typical of what we have experienced the past two weeks. No units in the morning and then one around 1:00-:00 p.m., ramping up to two or three within the hour. Generally, they have been staying on 5-6 hours and then back off for the night.

Wednesday, Stan took Jerry and his son-in-law, Dennis out for half a day. Jerry is brand new, so Stan worked with him a little on casting and then catching. It was not a fast and furious day, but they certianly caught a respectible number of fish on the P&P midge and the holographic green crackleback.

We haven’t seen Jack and Carol from Oklahoma for about five years. But, they decided they needed to fish Taneycomo, so they took a half day float with Stan last Thursday. Slow start in the a.m., but picked up a bit and they caught fish on the P&P and ruby midges.

Peggy's pretty rainbow - 9/26/13

Peggy’s pretty rainbow – 9/26/13

Peggy (aka Pyro), one of the gals in the RRWFF Club is moving to Texas next month, so a small group of us had a fishing party on Thursday to see her off.  Fun day for all of us.  She is going to miss fishing Taneycomo but will soon break in some of the salt water fishing available on the Texas coasts.  We wish her well and hope she comes back to fish with us when she get the need for a trout fishing fix.  All us gals, Lou (aka Let’s Go), Sharon (aka Joker), Gina (aka Trout Mum, and Carolyn (aka Happy Hooker), had a good day on the P&P midge, ruby midge, hot hare nymph, various streamer patterns, and the San Juan worms on the rise.   How about this beautiful brown caught on a ruby midge? 

Beautiful brown - 9/27/13

Beautiful brown – 9/27/13

Friday, Jeff and Ara, from Tennessee spent all day on the water with Stan.  Another slow start in the a.m, but once they got fired up, it was a good day for these guys on the P&P and ruby midges.    Carolyn also on the water with Sonya, from Texas and Tom, from the Kansas City area.  This was Sonya’s first time in the water with a fly rod.  She is going to be a good fly fishers.  Great roll cast and her regular cast is coming right along.  It was not fast and furious for us, but we did catch fish on the ruby midge, P&P midge, a size 20 gray scud and had several hits stripping the CQ streamer.  

Chuck - 9/29/13

Chuck – 9/29/13

Today was a good day for Chuck from Colorado.  He spent the morning on the water with Stan.  Lots of misses, plus lots of hits and hook-ups.  He caught this nice 18 inch rainbow on an egg pattern.  Several other fish on the P&P midge.

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