Tough Day!

Much needed rain the past couple days.  Out of the forecast for the weekend, but chances for scattered showers on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Good part of this is that the temperatures will remain very pleasant….upper 70s, low to mid 80s until the end of next week.

Some kind of generation all last week, mainly low in the a.m. and 2-3 units for the afternoon.  Yesterday, no generation until 3:00 p.m.  No generation projected for today except a low one unit coming on at 4:00 p.m. for one hour.  Tomorrow looks like an exact repeat of today.  Monday, will go back to the low flow in the a.m. and a couple units coming on early afternoon.

Tough day on the creek this past Tuesday.  Darrell had Jerry and his daughter, Sarah out for the morning and they could not find any producing fly.  Jim had Harold and Sophie out while Stan took Mike and  Curt.  Everyone boated a few fish, but it certainly was a battle to find fish. 

Glad to say by Wednesday, fish were a little more agreeable.  Carl and Paul from Ohio spent the morning on the water with Jim.  Good day for these guys on the weighted CQ streamer.  Stan had Terry, from South Carolina out for the morning and Terry had a good day on the black copperhead zebra midge and the peach egg drifting the high bank on the drift out.

Dale spent Thursday all day on the water with Jim.  Fair to good day stripping the olive CQ streamer or the rusty midge. 

Stan’s new fly fisher yesterday got off to a great start.  It was one of those very good days on the black copper head midge.  Nice fish to boot!  Several nice sized fish, 16-18 inches.    That was the good news.  Bad news was that he spent most of his morning in a downpour.  Rain off and on all the time he was on the water and mainly “on”.  However, we think he likes fly fishing!

Jim – 7/26/13

Thank heavens we don’t have those really tough days very often!

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