Warming Up and Waters Running

Clear skies are for forecast for the next several days and warmer temperatures.  Before we were under the normal temperatures….looks like we are going to be above normal for a while.  Keeps us discussing the weather!

We continue to see non-stop generation.  We had a few days of fairly low in the early morning and then they ramped it up to two or three units by 9:00-10:00 a.m. and pretty much kept it there for the balance of the day.  All we can hope for is some off time in the mornings as we get closer to the power pool level.  In the meantime, we will probably see two to three units.

Jim on the water with Ralph from Texas last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  They were “thundered” on early Wednesday.  A little squall came through in the morning with a few thunder boomers in it and a little lightning.  We saw maybe five minutes of rain and it went on it’s merry way.  However, not before the guys decided it was best to get on down the river.  Tuesday and Thursday fished pretty good for them, despite the fluctuating water.  No specific pattern, but pulled a few out on each thing they tried.

Saturday, Stan took Rick and Kristi out for an afternoon float.  Pretty good day with three units going.  Good day for them which included at least two doubles.  Big ruby with the P&P dropper were their best patterns.

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