Good Days….Tough Days!

Weather has been nice, other than the wind!  We are looking at 80s all the way into the coming weekend.  Fourth of July looks like mid to upper 80s and no chances for rain.

Generation has been non-stop, other than a two hour off period from midnight to 2:00 a.m. Friday morning, for the past seven days.  I know they have generation on the projection for tomorrow and we will just have to see what this week brings.

Stan out last Monday (yes, I am a bit behind) with Paul from Texas.  Paul is fairly new to fly fishing and had a good day on the size 12 ruby midge and a CQ streamer.  They had three generations going at 9000 cfs while they were on the water.

Wednesday, Peggy and Jerry, from New Hampshire, spent the day on the water with Stan.  Pretty good day for these two on the big ruby and a holographic green crackleback. 

Matt, from Parkville, and his friend Dana, needed a fly fishing fix after attending a meeting most of last Thursday.  So, around 4:30 they hit the high water with Stan.  Hot day when they started, in the upper 90s or low 100s, and three generators going.  Good day.  Fog started moving in and everything cooled down.  Pattern was mainly the big ruby with all the moving water!   Great way to finish the day. 

Friday was a busy day on the water.   Stan had Marty from Louisiana, out for half a day.  This was Marty’s first experience fishing in heavy current.  He had a good day on….you guessed it….the big ruby.  Darrell was out with a couple of his regulars, Dwayne and Gabby.  Worked for them but had a good day on the big ruby and a big Primrose & Pearl midge.  Trina and Todd from Louisiana were fishing with Dana for the morning.  Brand new experience for these two.  No best pattern for them.  It was one of those “a fish a fly” days.  Carolyn had Wayne and Colleen from Hawaii out for half a day.  They fished with Jim all day Monday.  Tough day for them Monday as the water was playing yo-yo.  Also, it was way too hot.  They decided to only go half a day with Jim on Wednesday.  Good idea.  It was still pretty hot, but half a day was much better and it was definitely a better day on the water on the coperhead black midge, red midge, and copper dun midge.  Had a good half day with Carolyn Friday on the copper dun, P&P and big ruby midges.  Also pulled a few with the CQ streamer.  Fun couple to fish with. 


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