Neat Day!

Summer is finally here.  Temperatures in the 80s and a bit humid.  Certainly feels like it.  Forecast is calling for chances of rain Thursday through Saturday.  Temperatures will remain in the 80s through the weekend into next week.

Some nice wading water over the past three days.  Water was actually off today until 2:00 p.m.  Same pattern yesterday.  When they have been generating, it has pretty much been the equivalent of 1 to 2 units. 

Neat day on the water this past Saturday.  Over eight years ago, I took a couple fly fishing.  Weeks or months later, they brought their whole family to learn how to fly fish.  What a day on the water with the one son (who was 8 years old at the time), and three daughters (10 , 14, and I believe the other was 15 years old).  Well this weekend. Mike brought his fiance, Aurrice and two of the, now young adults, the son, Ben, and one of the daughters,  Emily.  Ben is now 16 and Emily is 22.   Stan took Ben and Emily and I took Mike and Aurrice.  This was Aurrice’s first attempt at fly fishing and she picked up casting and mending very well.  We’re still working on the hook set, but all looks promising.  Good day for everyone, even with the water going off and then coming on during the day.  Best patterns were the big ruby, holographic green crackleback, and the primrose & pearl, ruby and lightening bug midges.  

Sunday, Bryan spent the day on the water with Carolyn.  No generation when we put in, so we worked some emergers to start out as the fish were sipping in an area above the boat ramp.  It was a fish a fly morning.  One or two on the olive WD40, one on a red ass, etc.  Put on the size 18 ruby and hooked a few on this.  Found a sweet spot below the boat ramp and they were taking the size 18 grey scud dropped from a P&P midge.  Didn’t last long as they decided it was time to release some water.  Should not have been a problem, but it dirtied up to the point, we decided it was time to take a lunch break and let it clear up.  Pulled the CQ streamer below the Lookout Island and then headed on down with the big ruby and a peach egg pattern dropper.  Pulled several fish on the high bank with this.  Good, fun day on the water!

Monday, Stan book Mac and his friend Bob out for half a day.  These two had a good day on the P&P, a size 18 grey scud and the size 18 ruby midge.

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