Almost Non-Stop Generation This Past Week!

Weather has been gorgeous the past three days.  Temperatures in the 80s Monday and tuesday and upper 70s today with lots of sunshine and quite a bit of wind too.  However, this is coming to an abrupt end.  Dropping to the mid 50s tomorrow, upper 40s Friday and back to mid 50s Saturday.  Pretty good chances of rain Friday, with chances tomorrow.  Fortunately, things will start clearing up Sunday with low 60s and temperatures continue to go up to upper 70s by mid week. 

What can I say.  Almost non-stop generation.  Except for a few hours from midnight until 6:00-7:00 a.m. a couple days, we have seen at least 2200 cft every day and a few days in the 9000 cfs range.  Monday this week was a real bummer.  One unit on at midnight.  Second unit came on around 10:00 a.m. and the third unit about 2 hours later.  No stability to the water and the same for fishing.

Jim took Thomas, from Minnesota out all day last Friday.  It was a 3 generator day.  Thomas fishes quite a bit and they had a good day despite the generators.  Nothing big, but good numbers.  Best patterns were a size 14 red midge, an 18 black midge, the CQ streamer and a size 6 bug-eyed bugger.

Monday, Stan took Steve and Jeanine, out for half a day.  They wanted to have fun, catch some fish and learn.  Mission accomplished.  Jeanine’s first time and she did very well.  Best pattern was the big ruby.    Jim had Allan and Susan, from Maryland, out for half a day.  They have fly fished a few times, really wanted to wade, but water conditions dictated otherwise.  Their best patterns were the red midge with a black midge dropper.   Carolyn had a couple of her regular ladies, Wanda and Joanna out for half a day.  Again, it wasn’t a banner day, but we caught fish and had a good time….as we always do when we get together.

Wanda - 4/29/13

 Steve and Diana, from Montana spent half a day on the water with Stan Tuesday.  Steve said Taneycomo, especially with the generation, reminded him of the Missouri a little.  This was Darlene’s first time fly fishing.  Nothing like jumping in feet first into fast fishing conditions!  Good day on the big ruby and CQ streamer.   Carolyn also had a new fly fisher, Monte.  His son-in-law, Keith has been trying to get him to try fly fishing.  What an introduction!  However, once Monte got the hang of a hook set, he hooked several fish.  He

Keith - 17" rainbow - 4/30/13

certainly did well for his first time fly fishing and especially in three generators.  Keith won the free dinner (who caught the least had to buy dinner) and especially had a good day with his nice 17″ rainbow.  Best patterns were the big ruby, #18 ruby dropper or the #16 red d-ribbed midge. 

  Pretty steady three units running today, Wednesday.  Stan took Jack and Mary Kay, from Texas, out for half a day.  Other than the wind, fishing was pretty good.  Still catching on the big and little ruby midges.  Jim’s patterns were the #14 red midge and #18 black midge for Dan and Alisha, also from Texas.  Alisha’s first time and she had a good time.  Dan has fished with us several times before and said he had a good, fun day, and learned a lot.

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