Weather has been great, except for the wind.  But if it was perfect, we would not have anything to grunch about.  Rain today and even a very slight chance of snow tonight.  Tomorrow will be much cooler than it has been…mid 40s, and mostly cloudy.  By Tuesday, we will warm up into the upper 50s, so with Wednesday.  Thursday…look out!  upper 60s to low 70s, Friday mid 60s and Saturday low 70s again.  Maybe Spring has sprung!

We continue to see no generation!  Off again today and projected to be off tomorrow.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  We know they have to generate something someday!

Can’t think of a better word to describe fishing except fantastic!  Almost everyone catching lots of fish on lots of patterns and still some very nice rainbows. 

Jim on the water last Wednesday with Jack and DJ from Florida.  These two firefighters had a great on the water catching and learning.  Jim worked with them on casting techniques and streamer work.  So they caught fish on the boack midge with a blood worm dropper and the CQ Streamer. 

Don and Steve from Illinois spent Thursday on the water with Stan.   Great day.  Steve has now broken his all time record for the number of fish to the boat.  They caught fish all day on the P&P with the ruby dropper and the red ass soft hackle.  Only negative to their day was fighting the wind!  Not a problem, didn’t hurt the catching any.

Friday, Darrell took Marv and Richard out for half a day.  Marv is from Indiana and Richard from Kansas.  They both try to fish here every year some time in March or April.  Great day for these guys too.  Fished the P&P midge and the P&P soft hackle.  Fun day!  Stan had Doc from Oklahoma out all day.  Lots of fish on the P&P midge for Doc! 

Worked with a lady from Michigan for a short time yesterday.  She is brand new to fly fishing and just wanted to catch a fish.  Once she got her fly into the water, the fish did the rest.  Hope she doesn’t think it will be this easy all the time.  In a short period fo time she caught several fish on the size 18 ruby midge.  Her best catch of the day was a 22 inch rainbow stripping the CQ streamer. 

Gina and I played a little  Friday afternoon.  Fun day on the CQ streamer and the olive filoplume.  We have been sending folks out with the red or red ass soft hackle, P&P and ruby midges, and reports are “catching” on all these patterns.

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