Today we have a chance of thunderstorms, probably later in the day.  Right now it is partly cloudy and 55 degrees.  High today is expected in the low 60s.  Tomorrow and Saturday will be in the mid 50s and a chance of rain Saturday night and Sunday.  Sunday should be in the low 60s.  However, out on the near horizon, we are seeing mid 40s for Monday, low 40s Tuesday and a chance of showers and snow by Wednesday.  Even if we get snow Wednesday, it won’t be around long as Wednesday temperatures are predicted to be mid 40s.

Generation all day Tuesday and for a while yesterday morning.  Projection for today is no generation until 5:00 p.m. when they will fire up one generator for 3 hours. 

Stan and I went out Tuesday around noon.  What a beautiful day!  Hooked a couple nice fish early on a CQ streamer, but rest of the day on streamers were not the ticket.  They wanted the copper dun midge dropped under the size 16 red tunghead midge.  Great weather, other than the wind blowing cross river on occasion, fishing with my best friend, Stan. and catching fish.  It doesn’t get better. 

Darrell had Al and Steve , from the St. Louis area out all day yesterday.  They all came draging in last night worn out from catching fish!  Great day on the big ruby midge, the size 18 ruby and an egg pattern.

Another local fisher hooked a big rainbow yesterday.  Eric landed a 30 inch male rainbow some time yesterday afternoon.

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