Go Fishing!

Sorry to say, we might be in for some weather over the next few days.  Tuesday doesn’t look too bad with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 40s.  Wednesday, on the other hand looks like mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid 40s, pretty good winds and chances of moisture late in the day.  Thursday, mostly cloudy, low 40s, windy and good chances for moisture, especially in the a.m.  By the end of the week, things are looking up with Friday in the upper 40s, Saturday in the low 50s and Sunday in the low 60s.  Mostly to partly sunny all weekend and little chances of moisture.

Generation has been pretty good for the wade fishers this past week.  Some type of generation all day Friday; but off all day both Saturday and Sunday.  Low, but slightly fluctuating generation Monday, and no generation scheduled for Tuesday this week.

Fishing….very good.  Stan on the water Saturday afternoon with Sam from Florida.  Great day for Sam.  Said he caught more fish on this trip then he had ever caught  before on any trip.  They boated fish on the CQ streamer, red soft hackle and red size 18 midge. 

Carolyn had Sheila and Jerry out Sunday.  One generator most of the day.  Started out a little slow, moved and the fight was on!  Fishing the area below the boat ramp, on the Trophy Run side but just above Troply Run.  Great catching!  Red, size 18 midge dropped below either the big ruby or a Lightening Bug.  After catching a plethora of fish here, we decided to move on down.  Caught a few fish going down as well as a few below the Lookout Island on the ruby midge of the P&P midge.  Moved on down…time to get out, and caught several stripping the silver bullet crackleback (holographic silver) on the 2.6 ips sinking line or leader.  Overall, a very good day!

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