Happy New Year! Started It Out Right!

What a beautiful New Year’s Day.  Some time after 1:00 p.m. we had soft, white (of course) snow falling onto the river.  How pretty!  Did get a little cold, but it was worth it.  Today the sun is shining and we expect to hit the upper 30s.  The same predictions for Thursday and Friday.  By this weekend, looks like we might be in the mid 40s Saturday and lower 40s Sunday.  Next week looks like lower to mid 50s!  Sunshine into Wednesday and by Thursday there is a slight chance of moisture. 

Generation has pretty nice to us since the day after Christmas. No generation Sunday, but a little generation late Monday afternoon.  Tuesday we had a low one for about 3-4 hours in the morning then nothhing the balance of the day.  Today we had about a 1-2 hour shot of water and now it is off…as projected until this afternoon. 

Jay from Ashland, spent a 1/2 day on the water with Stan Monday.  What a lovely it was…overcast and raining and temperatures in the lower 30s.  Fortunately, the fish didn’t care.  They had a good day first on the rusty midge.  Once the fish got tired of this pattern, he switched to the black midge with the copper head.  When this one wore out it’s welcome, they finished up the midging with the copper dun.  Fish were emerger feeding and they also brought in a few on the dark olive soft hackle. 

RRWFFC Crazy women - 1/1/13

New Year’s Day, a few of the hard-core ladies from the River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing Club hit the water around 11:00 a.m.  (we wanted the heat of the day!)  What a fun day!  These fish love soft hackles in the snow.  Trout Mum was fishing a black zebra soft hackle, and Joker had caught some on the black copper head midge.  She then changed out to a soft hackle and caught several more.  Pyro and Happy Hooker were fishing the rusty soft hackle after trying other patterns that didn’t work so well.  Not sure what Let’s Go was fishing!  But what a great start to the New Year.

Happy New Year - 1/1/13

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