It Doesn’t Get Much Better!

Weather has been almost perfect.  Temperatures in the 80s during the day, maybe low 90s.  Couple mornings it was actually in the upper 50s.  The only thing one could complain about was the wind.  It has been a bit windy the past three days.  The generation has even been agreeable.  Friday we just had one generator come on at 4:00 p.m. for a couple hours; Saturday it did not come on until 9:00 p.m. and today one came on at 2:00 p.m.  Don’t have a clue what it will be tomorrow as we cannot get the projection on the web site and the phone number does not answer.  So…..we will just have to wait and see.  

Friday Jim has Dean and Bev from Arkansas on the water for a half day in the morning.   As I mentioned, it was a bit windy, so that made casting a little difficult.  Fish were spotty, but they found some on the size 18 rusty midge, blood worm dropper and the size 18 black midge.  Darrell and Carolyn had the Louisiana family on the water all day Friday.  Dawn was in the boat with Carolyn and the guys, Albert and James Albert, went with Darrell.  Don’t think the guys wanted to be in the "Cacklecraft".  If course, it lived up to its name.  Dawn and Carolyn has a great day on the size 18 black midge, primrose & pearl midge, black wooly bugger, filoplume, size 12 holographic green crackleback, but especially the olive floozie on the sinking leader.  The floozie strikes again!  She caught three nice 17 inch rainbows among her many fish for the day.  Darrell and his guys also had a great day on the primrose & pearl midge and a large olive wooly bugger on which James Albert pulled out a nice 19 inch rainbow.  Gina was out with Dale and Glenn from Oklahoma.    They had a wonderful day too on the primrose & pearl and burgundy midges. 


 Dawn – 9/3/10

 James Albert – 9/3/10

Dale 9/3/2010

Saturday, Carolyn had Pricilla and Vic, from Indiana out again.  They took the two-day school last year, and came back for a refresher.  We put Vic on a sinking leader and had him catching fish on a black wooly bugger, and the olive size 12 filoplume.  Pricilla did best on the size 18 black midge.  Jim had John from Oak Grove out on a 1/2 day wade trip.  John wanted to learn how fish Taneycomo a little better.  Said he accomplished this and more.  They did well on the black midge with the blood worm dropper, a size 18 gray scud and a size 16 miracle scud. 

Sunday, Jim on the water for a half day instructional wade trip with Mike from Arkansas.  Mike worked on all his skills and Jim said he was a good student.  They even caught fish!  Best pattern was a size 16 gray scud and a size 20 gray scud.  Darrell and Carolyn had a new family on the river from Louisiana.  Darrell had the father, Clay and their daughter Elizabeth in his boat.  Carolyn had the mother, Allison, and Clayton in her boat.  both Clay and Elizabeth were a bit under the weather, but they stuck with it until both of them had caught some fish.  Their best fly was the size 18 ruby midge.  Allison and Clayton were not under the weather, and feeling fine.  Carolyn had them out wading as they are both brand new to fly fishing.  Worked on roll cast, pick up and lay down cast, and a little on line management.  Had to hook some fish so they could work on hooking, playing and landing a fish.  Little 10 year old Clayton did great casting, setting the hook and bring in at least three fish all on his own.  Allison fell in love with fly fishing the minute she felt her first fish on the fly rod.  Fun morning on the water.  The size 18 ruby midge, a size 16 gray scud, and the holographic green crackleback stripped on the sinking leader were our best patterns. 


 Clayton’s first – 9/5/10

 Allison’s first -09/5/10

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