Everyone Is Fishing!

Everyone is fishing, and why not.  The weather has been perfect, and the generators have been off most every morning into early afternoon when they have fired up one of two generators…..except for today.  Turned on two generators about 1:00 a.m. and they are still running,  Even had three going a little while ago, but it has backed back down to two and we will see generation (according to the SWPA site projection) all day.  Still a beautiful day!

This week we have seen lots of people fishing, and most of them have been catching.  Lots of patterns reported by fishers coming into the the store.  Big Ugly both as a dry and as an indicator with a midge dropper has been working very well for the past several days.  Primrose & pearl midge working great in some areas.  Olive midge also doing well.  One of our customers had a great day on soft hackles yesterday.  For the most part, especially yesterday, the quality of fish are good. 

Jim out Sunday with Ray and Sandy from Kansas.  They had a fair day.  Couldn’t find that particular fly the fish wanted that day. 

Monday, Ed, from Arizona decided to try his hand at fly fishing again.  Been a few years since he last went out with Jim, so they hit the water for a full day float.  Good day, but Ed had to go back to basics and work on casting, mending and line management again.  Especially had to work on hook setting.  Think he has been bass fishing in between.  Their best flies were the Ugly midge, black midge, blood worm and gray scud.

Tuesday Jim spent the day with Jim and David, from Kansas.  Had not seen Jim for a couple years and it was good to see him again.  They all had a good day (after a slow start in the early a.m.) on a green midge, gray scud, size 18, a size 16 miracle scud and a blood worm dropper.  Scuds fished especially well in the afternoon.

Wednesday, both Jim and Stan were on the water all day with trips.  Jim had Alan and Adam from Oklahoma.  Alan said his son, Adam, was a better fisher then he, but they both did well.  Olive and primrose & pearl midges, in size 18, the blood worm dropper, size 16 miracle scud and a size 18 gray scud.  Stan had Kate and her son, Matt for the day.  Normally, Kate and her husband Dave fish with Stan.  They try to come here once a year from the UK to visit their son, Matt.  Unfortunately, Dave was not feeling well, so Matt got a chance to try his hand as fly fishing.  He said it was definitely something he could get used to!  They had a good day also, and were using the size 18 primrose & pearl midge and a white grub. 

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