Didn’t Have to Ask Twice!

Well, the generation projection for yesterday was followed.  No generation until 2:00 p.m. and then they really cranked it up.  All four generators took the level up to 710 feet.  Generators were turned off at 8:00 p.m. and Taneycomo was back to 701 by 11:00 p.m.  So far this morning, it is off and the projection is for it to again be off until 2:00 p.m.  Had some rain last night.  Local weather said we had 2/10ths of an inch at the Branson Airport.  Sounded like more than that to me!  Table Rock did bump up a little in level from 916.0 to a 917.1 feet.  They expect what showers we may have left to be through here this a.m.

Wednesday’s are my normal day working the shop, so I’m working away.  Stan comes in around 11:00 a.m. and we discuss the fact that the generation is off!  Finally!!  His next words were, "if you want to go fish for a couple hours, I’ll watch the shop".  Yeeha!  After a little reorganization of my boat bag to my wading vest, I was in my car and heading south.  Walked down to the water at the Rocking Chair area and there were dimples all over the water.  Off with the sinking leader, on with the floating, and digging through my fly box for the right color soft hackle.  Rock Worm green in a size 16 and I had my first fish on.  Stood in the water for quite a while, oblivious to anything else around me except stripping my soft hackle and hooking (and missing) fish.  Eventually I came back to earth and spotted a few folks fishing downstream.   Couple of them looked familiar, so I worked my way down, fishing and catching on the way.  Sure enough, it was Jan and Mike, the couple I had had out on Monday.  Mike was sitting in the shade on the bank.  Jan was still casting away.  Said "Hi!" to Bud and Jerry as I walked by them.  Bud was catching fish on the size 18 ruby midge and Jerry had on his sinking leader stripping a natural colored filoplume.  Jan said she had caught some earlier in the day on the red San Juan worm, but was having little luck now.  With all the fish still dimpling the water, I suggested she try stripping something sub-surface.  She had a holographic green crackleback, of course, so she put that on as I put on a bright orange bodied, light hackled crackleback.  Immediately, we both started getting hits and fish.  Maybe an hour of sheer bliss, when Jan realized they were running late, had to leave and my phone was ringing….Stan, wanting to know where I was.  My time was over.  Oh, well.  Big deep breath while I reflected the magic and perfection of the time my Honey gave me on the water.  He can do no wrong…at least for a few days!

With the water off again today, wish I could have a quick redo! 


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