Down to 918!

Flood gates continue to run and we are now down to 918.0 feet this morning.  Yesterday was a rainy, cool day.  Today is overcast and drizzling.  Not going to get out of the 40s!  Hopefully, we will see sunshine tomorrow and Sunday. 

Stan had Jeff, from Oklahoma on the water Wednesday.  Trip yesterday decided they wanted to stay dry!  Jeff and Stan had a good day on the red San Juan worm and the red midge.  Jeff does a lot of bass fishing and his hook set reflected this.  Think he might be going after trout a little more.  He did have a good one on but lost it (that ‘s what they said!). 

Talking to several people the past few days who have been fishing up around the outlets.  It has been a mixed bag.  One day they are catching pretty good numbers of smaller fish, next time it is larger ones, but not as many.  Red San Juan worms, wine colored San Juan worms, size 12 and larger gray sow bugs, and brown scuds are some of the patterns people are using to catch fish up there. 

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