A Hint of Color in the Trees

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, with all the fog throughout the valleys, I could see a hint of color on the trees poking up above the fog.  Might be a pretty Fall.

Generated water all day Friday and Saturday.  Shut down at midnight Saturday and came back on Sunday as 2:00 p.m.  One generator on this morning at 6:00 a.m. and a second came on at 7:00 a.m.  Running 705.5 right now (9:30 a.m.).  Saturday was a down pour of rain all day.  Sunday was pretty nice althought the fog came and went most of the morning. 

Saturday, Wendell from Ky, had a half day float with Stan.  Not sure if they were just determined to fish or "gluttons for punishment", but they stayed on the water for the full float throught the down pours.  Looked like drowned rats when they got back to the shop.  Good news was they caught some fish.  Best patterns were the red midge size 16 midge with the size 18 burgundy midge.  Carolyn had Richard and Barbara from Raymore, MO. out for what was to be a half day float.  They had already missed several, brought one to the boat, and just brought in a "doubles" when the sky opened up.  Decided to come off the water and sit for a spell to see if it was going to let up.  After two cups of coffee, and a cream cheese cinnamon roll, the decision was it was not going to stop.  Best patterns were the size 16 red midge with the black zebra or ruby midge dropper.

Sunday Jim and Dana each had a veteran on the water as part of a Healing Waters activity.  Didn’t get to talk to them too much, but know they were getting hits on a size 12 varigated sculpin patterns using the sinking leaders on low water and size 8 of the same pattern when the water came up.   The morning fish a little slow, but really picked up in the afternoon and especially when the water came on.  All in all, a good day and everyone had a good time.  Both Jim and Dana said this was a lot of fun and are looking forward to the next time.

Stan was on the water with Bruce from CO. for half day.  They had a very good day on the size 18 ruby midge dropped below the Big Ugly. 

Chad & Roy – 9/20/09



Carolyn was out with Chad and his father, Roy, from TN.  Chad had a very good day on a golden variant sculpin and a natural pine squirrel sculpin under a sinking leader.   Roy was throwning the ruby midge dropped under the Big Ugly.  Lots of missed and lots of fish.   Chad’s nicest fish of the day was a 19" Rainbow that he caught on the natural pine squirrel sculpin.

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