Weekend Fishing

Ran a low two generators almost all day both Saturday and Sunday.  Shut it down last night at 8:00 and turned it back on this morning at 5:00.  Level has been somewhere between 704.5 and 706.2.  Select areas are wadeable.

Jim was on the water Friday afternoon and all day Saturday with a couple of guys from Nebraska, Danny and Tim.  Saturday was a challenge with the fierce winds we had all day.  Their flies of the day were the red midge, orange San Juan and a baby sculpin. 

Carolyn was out for a half day with a lovely young lady, Victoria and her father Chal.  Guys you better get in line for this young lady.  She has not only taken a liking to fly fishing, but has been tying her own flies for almost a year now.  One of the fish she boated yesterday was just shy of 19" by 1/4".  Although Dad boated more fish, Victoria was definitely the top dog on size!   She caught this beauty on a hot pink San Juan dropped from a red tunghead midge.

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