Weather fair – Fishing good

Good news is that fishing has been good.  Bad news is that wading has been greatly curtailed.  They have been running water almost non-stop all week.  It has been off for 4-5 hours starting at midnight, but for the rest of the time, they are running anywhere from 1 to even 4 generators. 

Had trips out last week and they caught a good number of trout.  Copper Dun, size 18 is still catching fish as it the Burgundy Midge ( mainly in the morning).  A couple we had out last week were celebrating their 1st anniversary.  Even though it was a little nippy, with hot soup for lunch, they made it through the day.  Mike caught lots of fish and was a very happy husband when they came off the water.  Anastasia when along to take pictures.

Trip yesterday started out with three generators running and it was down to one by the time they came off a ittle after noon.  Had a pretty good day on the Burgundy Midge, blood worm and sculpin.

Missed the bullet with the weather.  Today it is overcast, with light drizzle.  They are forecasting 1-2 inches of snow for later today but it should be gone by tomorrow as we are supposed to have sun and temps in the mid 30s.  Right now they are running two generators and the tailwater level is 704.8.  One could almost fish that.  Definitely could get in around the outlets!

Know the folks fishing up by the hatchery have been doing very well on gray scuds and red or orange San Juan worms.  Guy that came in and purchased a new outfit from us said he has had two of the best days (this week) on the water that he has had in a long time!



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