Slight Drop In Generation Level

What a gorgeous day today!  Warm and lots of sunshine.  Enjoy while we can.  Tomorrow will be in the upper 60s and mostly cloudy.  Looks like rain showers moving in tomorrow evening then clearing up as drier air moves in bringing us gusty winds.  Wednesday will be low 50s and some sunshine.  Thanksgiving day will be a bummer.  Low 40s and probably rain off and on all day.  Unfortunately, Friday looks like a repeat of Thursday, but a little warmer….mid to upper 50s.  Saturday will be mid 60s and possibly rain again.

Generation pattern for tomorrow shows a decrease in the flows we have been having.  So far we have been seeing the equivalent of two to three units mixed during the day.  Tomorrow we will see the equivalent of  two units all day.

Dawain – 11/23/19

Dawain and his son, Mason, spent half a day on the water Saturday with Gina.  They had a pretty darn good day despite the 7000-8000 cfs of generation.

Mason – 11/23/19

Best patterns were the cerise worm with a size 16 Ruby 2 dropper or the worm with a tan scud dropper.   Darren has Steve and Forrest out for half a day and they had a pretty tough day.  Think the only pattern they hooked anything on was the cerise San Juan worm.


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