HOT Weather!

Currently it is 94 degrees here in Branson, which was the high predicted for the day.  Tomorrow and Saturday we will see upper 90s then mid 90s Sunday and 80s on Monday and into the following week.  Year!  Right now, with the humidity, it is HOT!

Still seeing low flows in the a.m. and then ramping up to three around noon or after.  That is the projection again for tomorrow.  Maybe the rut we’re in for a while.  We’ll just have to see.

With the low one unit in the morning, fishing has been good early.  Once they fire up the two then three units, everything trashes up for a while.

Jim has been complaining about this generation pattern as he has been on the water the most here lately.  He was out Sunday with Cr4ooper and Kross.  Pretty new fly fishers so he worked with them and got them some fish mainly on the JQ streamer.  Once the water fired up, he was out of there.

Tuesday, John and Steve from Oklahoma spent the morning on the water with Jim.  Steve is new to fly fishing, so Jim worked with him.  They had stable flows for about four hours, so fishing was pretty good and both the guys landed fish on the size 8 JQ streamer.  Carolyn had a student finishing up her school and her best pattern was the ruby 2 midge.

Jim and Caleb fished with Jim Wednesday.  Good day on the JQ streamer, ruby midge and hot hare’s ear nymph.

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